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Jameela Lares Jameela.Lares at usm.edu
Sat May 20 11:56:19 EDT 2006

I'm working on notes for Paradise Lost, books 11-12, and have come across a few
items I can't trace.  I'll appreciate any help.  

1.  For 11.270 ("native Soile").  Newton cites a Latin tag, Nescio qua natale
solum dulcedine tangit/ Humanos animos, but without attribution.  I haven't
been able to find it in any of my databases.  (If it is in Perseus, I am not
searching properly--sorry!) Newton, of course, may be citing it incorrectly
from memory.

2.  For 11.71 ("human left from human free").  Hume cites Augustine’s 
City of God 15.19 as saying, Rationalem factum ad imaginem suam, noluit 
nisi irrationalibus dominari, non hominem homini, sed hominem pecori.  
But there isn't such a statement at that place, nor can I find the lines in 
Patrologia Latina.

With apologies, for cross-listing, thanks.

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