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I wanted to make you all aware that 1812 productions, a non-profit theatre company in Philadelphia, is producing a show about John Milton and his three daughters: Anne, Mary and Deborah.  Originally, I came across the milton-l list while doing dramaturgical research for the play and decided to share a bit about what we are up to.  For any of you in the Philadelphia area, this is worth checking out!  

Here's a bit more information about the show:

An event over a year in the making, Daughters of Genius, by Evan Smith will be the first world premiere by an established playwright that 1812 Productions has mounted, as well as the biggest production, in terms of scale and budget, in 1812 history.  Daughters of Genius tells the story of John Milton and his daughters in the days preceding the completion of Milton's masterpiece, Paradise Lost.  These women have been relegated to the dark of ignorance for all of their lives.  Now, as Milton nears blindness and Anne, Mary and Deborah take dictation for him, these women see the possibility of wisdom upon the horizon-but how they each go about claiming it brings winged visitors, a hunchbacked heroine, and the threat of destruction down upon their inconspicuous London household.  Part Mel Brooks, part Oscar Wilde, (and part Ten Commandments!), Daughters of Genius takes the battle for enlightenment from Heaven to Hell and back to England.

Daughters of Genius will run from May 19th to June 18th at St. Stephen's Theatre, located at 10th and Ludlow Streets.  The show stars David Howey (formerly of the Royal Shakespeare Company) as John Milton, Dawn Falato, Grace Gonglewski, Mike Dees, Lenny Haas, Michele Guidry, and Jodi Epstein.  Tickets range from $10 to $32 and are available by contacting 1812 Productions' administrative office at (215) 592-9560 or online at www.1812productions.org.

We are very proud to present this work and welcome any questions and or insights you may have.

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