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The Korean explanation may help make sense of a low point in my Renaissaince 
lit survey last spring. I was lecturing about the Henrician Reformation, and 
Anne Askew's relationship to it, and had been for an embarrassingly long time 
when a student raised her hand to ask, "You're talking a lot about Protestants 
and Catholics. Weren't there any Christians?"

And no, it was not a critique of the lack of caritas that the Reformation 
brought out on all sides. 

(Similarly, I have learned that teaching in Ohio there are certain aspects of 
medieval devotion, particularly Eucharistic devotion and penance, that I need 
to explain early on during the medieval survey. I once reached the end of a 
long lecture on the late medieval mass, Corpus Christi processions, and 
Lollard objections when a student asked, genuinedly bewildered, "But didn't 
they understand that you can only be saved through faith?")

The past is a foreign country.

Beth Quitslund

Quoting Horace Jeffery Hodges <jefferyhodges at yahoo.com>:

> Julia Guernsey-Shaw wrote:
> >>My favorite student blooper regarding Milton
> occurred almost a decade ago in a sophomore World Lit
> class:
> "Dante was a Catholic. In contrast, Milton was a
> Christian."
> Oh the joys of teaching in the Bible belt!<<
> Here in Korea, the Protestants refer to Catholics as
> "Catholics" and themselves as "Christians." They
> generally don't know the term "Protestant" but use the
> term "Christian" instead, as if the distinction were
> between Catholics and Christians rather than Catholics
> and Protestants.
> I think this usage is no 'error' but was what Koreans
> were taught by the first Protestant missionaries of
> the late 19th century.
> I've been teaching them the 'correct' English
> expression and thereby subverting the previous
> indoctrination process.
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