[Milton-L] The Son's role and necessity

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Carrol Cox wrote:

Horace Jeffery Hodges wrote:

> Dye hee or Justice must; 

Thanks, Carrol, but I have to confess that Milton
wrote that. Anyway, you observe:

"Justice doesn't bleed. The zeugma here seems almost a
corruption of language."

Maybe a corruption, but perhaps it's more an
invitation to reflect upon what "Death" means in
Milton's thinking. Adam and Eve keep on living despite
having eaten from the Tree of Knowledge, the penalty
for which was stated (elsewhere) to be death on that
same day. Yet, they don't seem to die that day, and
certainly don't bleed. Are they given a reprieve?

Or are they in a spiritual sense already 'dead,'
alienated from God? If not that, then wouldn't justice
already be 'dead' since God would have broken his

Thanks for raising an interesting enigma.

Jeffery Hodges

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