[Milton-L] Directly

alan horn alanshorn at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 15:40:38 EDT 2006

Thanks for replying. A few questions in response.

Is it plausible to say that God is being (intentionally or
inadvertently) PORTRAYED AS mendacious because of that sort of
supposed minor inaccuracy, whether or not you can make a logical case
for such an idea? For that matter, can we even say that God is being
portrayed as INACCURATE here? That is, leaving aside the question of
whether the word "directly" is in fact inaccurate, can its use be said
to represent God as speaking inaccurately? My question implies a
distinction between logic (such as it is) and practical rhetoric.

And which is it, intentionally or inadvertently? Is this how Milton
meant God to be portrayed, according to Professor Herman and his
supporters? Professor Skulksky raised this question and no one has
taken it up.

I am of course leaving aside the judgment of two of this list's most
authoritative members, Dennis Danielson and John Leonard, that the
word "directly" is in fact quite accurate here.

Alan H.

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