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I don't want to miss the Milton list, but is more restraint and just maybe changing the subject possible?  The University is after me for my overflowing mailbox.  It's great to see so much energy, but the messages are flooding in very fast.
Many thanks,  
Margaret Arnold (I'll not bother with titles)


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Judith is right. Milton is comparing the pendant world
in heaven's vicinity to a star seen near the moon.

Jeffery Hodges

But it is a comparison:
small star/ moon; pendant world/ heaven.
Judith Herz
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And fast by hanging in a golden Chain
This pendant world, in bigness as a Starr
Of smallest Magnitude close by the Moon.
Sorry, I've missed most of this thread, but don't
these lines suggest that "this pendant world" (i.e.
the earth) is "close by the moon"? If "this pendant
world" IS the cosmos then wouldn't the moon be part of
it? Would it make sense to say "This pendant cosmos,
which is only as big as the smallest star, is hanging
close by the moon"? It seems that the "world" and the
moon sit next to one another...well, like the moon and
the earth. Is there another grammatical reading that
I'm missing? I do agree that at this point his
perspective of the "world" would be from quite far
away since it does appear so small.


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