[Milton-L] Re: The Prohibition

Michael Gillum mgillum at unca.edu
Sat Jul 29 20:22:45 EDT 2006

For readers who would  gouge their eyes out before reading another 
post on "Directly," Jason Kerr's last post under that title asks for 
a discussion of the representations of the prohibition.

One point JK makes is that all of the representations are mediated. 
True, but in the account Adam gives to Raphael of his birthday, Adam 
renders the Son's prohibition in direct discourse, and entire (8.315 
ff)-- of course, his memory might be imperfect. I notice that the Son 
explains that Adam won't die immediately upon sinning, a point that 
Adam seemingly forgets after the Fall (or maybe he didn't understand 
the point). The Son also says a sinning Adam would be expelled from 
Paradise, but doesn't the expulsion order come as a shock, especially 
to Eve? Did Adam neglect to tell her that part?

Michael Gillum

>I As nearly as I can tell, there are three: 4.411-439, 7.529-547, 
>and 8.319-337. Without going into length, things that seem 
>inconsistent include whether or not Eve is present, the ontological 
>status of death (allegory or no?), and how the human(s) who hear(s) 
>the prohibition respond(s) to it.

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