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When the Son is anointed head of the angels he is brought into a closer 
relationship to created beings  When Satan rebels he remembers a 
previous prophecy in heaven that God intended to create ""another 
world, and some new race called Man . . . ."  (Bk. II.345-48).  But the 
agent of that creation is the Son, "the omnific Word," who goes forth 
with Spirit and with the golden compasses marks the bounds and says 
""This be thy just Circumference, O World.  Thus God the Heav'n 
created, thus the Earth" [which answers another question).  Book Seven 
is all about the work of the Son, called "the Creator" (7.551) and "the 
Filial Power" (7. 585.")  That doesn't seem to me nothing to do.  If 
you want to say that the Father could have used his own voice to call 
each creature into being, rather than sending the Son,  in order to 
maintain that the Son's six days' work  is not a necessary role, I 
would say argue not the need, it's a matter of not distancing the 
natural from the spiritual,  of the Son as related to the lives of all 
the creatures from the beginning, a matter of love.

On Jul 28, 2006, at 12:26 PM, Richard Strier wrote:

>  (The Son in PL has no necessary role, except to serve as an irritant 
> to Satan. 
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