[Milton-L] Response to Peter Herman re Judaism

Alan Rudrum rudrum at shaw.ca
Fri Jul 28 20:32:00 EDT 2006

Alan Rudrum wrote:
 >> Thanks to those who responded to my re-posting of the question 
concerning Judaism. Peter Herman suggested that if I would consider what 
was delivered while standing on one leg, I would probably discover the 
answer. But that does not work. Rabbi Telushkin quotes Hillel on the 
Golden Rule on p. 121 and the "innovative teachings ascribed to Jesus 
[that] diametrically oppose Jewish teachings" on p. 128, adding that 
"The Torah commands that one offer the wicked man powerful resistance."

Peter Herman responded:
 > What I meant (and I probably should have said so explicitly, rather 
than implicitly) is that according to Hillel, one should treat everyone 
as one would want to be treated oneself. This leaves the issue, I think, 
up the individual: if one would want to be forgiven, then one must 
forgive others. Presumably, most people would want to be treated well, 
not badly, and so they should treat others well.  Personally, I am not 
aware of any obvious place where "The Torah commands" that one resist 
the wicked man, and frankly, I'd like to see the reference.

But Hillel is not reported as having said that one should treat 
*everyone* as one would want to be treated oneself.  He is reported as 
saying "What is hateful unto you do not do unto your *neighbour." *  I 
find the same wording in Leo Trepp, A history of the Jewish experience, 
p. 68.  The question of who is a neighbour is of course worth 
discussing, as in Luke 10:29ff.  

As to places where "The Torah commands" that one resist the wicked man, 
Telushkin cites Deuteronomy 17:7 and also remarks that the Torah 
approvingly records Moses' killing of a brutal Egyptian overseer who was 
beating a Jewish slave.

Again, just about the most enlightening thing (for me) that has come out 
of this discussion is the distinction Prof. Shoulson made between 
personal enemies and enemies of Israel.

And I should still be glad of a literal translation of the Aramaic 
likely to be behind the *teleioi* (AV "perfect") of Matthew 5:48.

Alan Rudrum


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