[Milton-L] Directly

Dennis Danielson danielso at interchange.ubc.ca
Fri Jul 28 18:02:12 EDT 2006

The Jeff Wilson / Peter Herman position seems to me a classic case of a 
large tendentious reading ("God is either lying or else not 
omniscient") requiring the support of smaller tendentious readings 
("directly"). In the seventeenth century, "world" was standard 
astronomical vocabulary for universe; that's clearly how Milton uses it 
in the last instance of the word in Book 2 and the first two of Book 3 
(in other words, the last three instances of the word preceding the 
line in question). The context, in other words, is cosmic--or one might 
be better to say supra-cosmic.

But these guys have their story  an' they're stickin' to it.


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