[Milton-L] Fwd: human dignity

alan horn alanshorn at gmail.com
Fri Jul 28 02:28:09 EDT 2006

> think everyone in the US has to come to some terms with Christianity, just
> as a matter of negotiating the culture we live in.... I'm not suggesting that listmembers are not critically
> able to separate personal belief from an attempt to understand Milton's poem
> in its own terms, but I think that the task is very difficult, requiring its
> own dose of humility and meekness, and that this, too, requires continued
> vigilance.

Now we're being asked to set aside our personal belief in Christianity
(which I, for one, am very far from having) in order to appreciate
Milton's poem on its own--presumably non-Christian--terms.

Is this humility, or chutzpah?

Alan H.

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