[Milton-L] Resend of question re Judaism

Samuel Smith ssmith at messiah.edu
Thu Jul 27 21:46:41 EDT 2006

Perhaps Carol had Paul in mind?  Romans 1.2-4: "This gospel God announced
beforehand in sacred scriptures through his prophets.  It is about his Son:
on the human level he was born of David's stock, but on the level of the
spirit--the Holy Spirit--he was declared Son of God by a mighty act in that
he rose from the dead: it is about Jesus Christ our Lord" (New English
Bible; my preferred translation, the NRSV being on loan to my mother for the
year, as she reads through the Bible in a different translation yearly--and
have I missed it these seven months!).


The Greek verb translated "declared", rooted in "horizo" (sorry I can't do
Greek characters), could be translated "appointed" or "designated" as well
as "declared" according to Bauer's Lexicon. 

Paul's remarks can be read to support Carol's sense of things.  Thus this
tradition would begin at the source of the Christian gospel, at least with
respect to the earliest texts, as Paul pre-dates the gospels.

Samuel Smith
Messiah College

>>> "James Rovira" <jamesrovira at gmail.com> 07/27/06 11:55 AM >>>
That's fine, but it wasn't clear to me if you were talking about the
Christ of the Gospels, some historical conception of Christ, or of PL
and PR.  It seemed to me that you were referring to some historical
conception of Christ in your post, as you made no reference to
Milton's work.

I don't think Milton's presentation as described below is congruent
with the Christ of the Gospels -- the Gospels record that Peter
referred to Jesus as "the Christ, the son of the living God" (Matt.
16:16) before his death and resurrection (and Jesus called him blessed
for seeing this), and the Sanhedrin asked him directly if he was the
Christ during his trial (Matt. 26:63).

Assuming that's an accurate representation of PR below (it's been too
long since I've read it to remember now, though I have been rereading
PL), I'm curious what tradition Milton drew from to present Christ in
that way.

Jim R

On 7/27/06, Dr. Carol Barton <cbartonphd at earthlink.net> wrote:
> For Jim Rovira:
> As Milton makes explicitly clear in _Paradise Regained_, Jim, JESUS the
man, son of Joseph and Mary, was not THE CHRIST while he was teaching
"Christianity"; he became the Christ (and his divinity revealed itself) when
he was resurrected three days after his crucifixion.
> Best to all,
> Carol Barton
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