[Milton-L] Re Divinity in PR

Carol Barton cbartonphd at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 27 20:01:03 EDT 2006

For Patricia Stewart: I don't have the text to hand at the moment, so please
forgive the paraphrase from memory, but Jesus is not referring to himself,
when he says "Tempt not the Lord thy God." Satan has just told him to
jump--if he is indeed the Son of God, his father's angels will bear him up.
Jesus is telling Satan not to dare God to reveal himself: he stands, on his
own power, supported by faith. (He doesn't, at this point, fully understand
the nature of his mission, though he has a vague idea . . . certainly not
enough to foreknow that he will found Christianity, which was my original

Best to all,

Carol Barton

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