[Milton-L] "Directly toward the new created World"

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Thu Jul 27 19:03:29 EDT 2006

At the end of Book 2, Satan emerges from Chaos, sees Heaven, "and 
fast by hanging in a golden chain / this pendant world [our whole 
cosmos] . . . . Thither full fraught with mischievous revenge, 
/Accursed, and in a cursed hour, he hies. " So, in my reading, the 
Father, speaking at that time, accurately describes Satan's course 
"directly toward the new created world." Satan lights directly on the 
outside of the sphere, passes through Limbo, and finds the opening at 
the base of the stairway to Heaven.

Michael Gillum

>So why does God say that Satan is going "directly" to Earth when in 
>fact Satan is going "directly" to Heaven? Because by doing so, God 
>leaves out the fact that Satan fooled Uriel into giving him 
>directions, which raises yet more questions. Why did God not warn 
>Uriel? Who, when Satan showed up at Heaven's gate, lowered the 
>stairs that let Satan in so he could ask Uriel? Does Uriel not bear 
>some responsibility for what will subsequently happen, since without 
>his directions, Satan could not have found  "the happie seat of Man"?
>There's more, but for that, I refer to the reader to Destabilizing 
>Milton as well as the other scholars I mentioned earlier.
>Peter C. Herman
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