[Milton-L] theodicy and critique

Stephen Fallon fallon.1 at nd.edu
Thu Jul 27 17:57:02 EDT 2006

I'd like to register agreement with Dennis, both 
on the brilliance of the James Fleming's 
distillation of Leibniz and on its 
inapplicability to Milton.  Milton is justifying 
the ways of God to himself even as he justifies 
the ways of God to men.  I don't see much in the 
way of "the best of all possible worlds" in 
Milton, a formula that fits his Cambridge 
Platonist contemporaries who argued, contra the 
Milton of DDC, that God had no choice but to 
create the world, for creation is better than 
non-creation. Milton's reply? "Necesity and 
chance approach not me."

Steve Fallon

>I appreciate James Fleming's brilliant précis of 
>Leibniz, but I don't accept that seeing PL as 
>theodicy necessarily imports a Leibnizian 
>reading or something like the ontological 
>argument for God's existence.
>. . . .
>Dennis Danielson

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