[Milton-L] Re Divinity in PR

Patricia Stewart pstewart at uga.edu
Thu Jul 27 17:32:25 EDT 2006

>From Dr. Carol Barton:
> "As Milton makes explicitly clear in _Paradise Regained_, Jim, JESUS the 
> man, son of Joseph and Mary, was not THE CHRIST while he was teaching 
> "Christianity"; he became the Christ (and his divinity revealed itself) 
> when he was resurrected three days after his crucifixion."

Doesn't his divinity reveal itself earlier?  In Bk. 4 of PR Satan's final 
challenge receives this reply:

"To whom thus Jesus.  'Also it is written,
Tempt not the Lord thy God.'  He said, and stood."

Satan is the one who falls from the Temple spire into Hell, while on earth 
Angels laud the vanquisher as he who

 "hath revenged
Supplanted Adam, and by vanquishing
Temptation, hath regained lost Paradise,. . ."

Patricia Stewart, UGa, retired 

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