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Stephen Fallon fallon.1 at nd.edu
Thu Jul 27 16:41:26 EDT 2006

Thanks for the response, Peter.  My apologies for not being more 
forthright; I should have made clear that I've not found arguments 
for Milton's Father's moral bankruptcy convincing.

All the best,
Steve Fallon

>As for Prof. Fallon's statement that my "reference to a 'vast amount 
>of evidence within PL that God is a deeply unsavory character,' 
>replaces argument with assertion," I plead partly guilty. I admit 
>that I was using shorthand, as I do not want to rehearse arguments 
>already in print.  For the evidence I allude to, I refer the reader 
>to my chapter on God in Destabilizing Milton, Michael Bryson's The 
>Tyranny of Heaven, C.Q. Drummond, "An Anti-Miltonist Reprise: III. 
>Satan; or, God Damns His Angels," The Compass 4 (1978), and J. Allen 
>Mitchell, "Reading God Reading Man," Milton Quarterly 35.2 (2001). 
>(Sorry, I don't have the page numbers for those articles at hand.
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