[Milton-L] Resend of question re Judaism

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I do not usually respond to these messages but I do read some of them. Your 
statement regarding Islam is the absolute truth and I had to let you know that 
because many educated people in this country are too naive, ignorant or 
misinformed about what Islam is all about. I have read quite a bit and know from 
personal experience that women must cover up themselves to avoid sexually 
provoking or enticing men. They cannot show their faces to the public for even their 
faces will lure men into sexual misconduct. 
    Throughout the history of Islam, women" main purpose is to produce 
children for fighting the cause of Allah.  Men can have harems and large numbers of 
children to substantiate the Muslim population for war and terrorism. They 
also belive that if their population is greater than that of another group of 
people it gives them the right to snatch more land from people they call 
"infidels" Women are baby-producing machine, not beautiful women to be loved, desired 
or cherish. They reproduce children for populating the world of Islam.
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