[Milton-L] Resend of question re Judaism

stein at cc.usu.edu stein at cc.usu.edu
Wed Jul 26 13:41:17 EDT 2006

Carrol wrote:
>The campaign (worldwide) of the RC, fundamentalist, & evangelical
>protestant churches against abortion is in practical terms inseparable
>from hatred of women.

Folks, I apologize in for going off-topic, but that statement is the most
intolerably ridiculous and inflammatory thing I've read on this list.     I
fail to see how an ethical position based on the belief that human life begins
at (or closely following) conception equates to hatred of women.  Please point
out to me, "in practical terms" how it is the same.

I for one am convinced that human life begins in the womb; I also believe that
the voluntary termination of human life is wrong. My conclusion, that abortion
is wrong, is not fostered by religion or politics; it is instead fostered by
science and ethics. You may disagree with either of these two premises in order
to render the argument invalid, but I think you will have a hard time suggesting
that either premise is imbued with hatred.

By the way, you failed to mention the one religion that is most notorious for
its perpetuation of hatred of women throughout history, the one religion that
to this day continues to repress and abuse women beyond all reason:
fundamentalist Islam.  Modern evangelical protestants aren’t even in the same

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