[Milton-L] Resend of question re Judaism

Dr. Carol Barton cbartonphd at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 26 13:18:48 EDT 2006

Actually, Alan, especially in light of the recent responses to your query, I think the more pertinent question may be "how many (modern) religions preach hatred of one's enemies"--active or passive? I suspect that the answer would be (except for the obvious zealots) "almost none."

I am of course excluding the Old Testament injunctions as of another time and world, as well as the idiosyncratic practices of the followers as distinguished from what the religions preach (such as Milton's at least literary abhorrence of Roman Catholics).

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Carol Barton

Carol Barton, Ph.D

 "Books are not absolutely dead things, but doe contain a potencie of life in them to be as active as that soule was whose progeny they are; nay they do preserve as in a violl the purest efficacie and extraction of that living intellect that bred them." ~ John Milton, _Areopagitica_ (CPW 2:492).

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