[Milton-L] humans in hell, repentance, etc.

Michele Walfred walfred at udel.edu
Sun Jul 23 08:57:09 EDT 2006

I am a 50- year old English major, senior, trying to complete my  
degree via evenings and independent study. I am reading Milton for  
the first time and have found these discussions extremely helpful. I  
have been feeling rather daunted by the material to say the least,  
and the discussions herein, leave me with the realization I have a  
long way to go before I can sound any way intelligent on the subject.  
Therefore I appreciate Nancy Rosenfeld's posting for I too kept re- 
reading that same passage she cites - wondering why the angels set  
Satan down on a flowery valley. It's reassuring to know I am not  
alone and that a portion of my numerous  questions are not uncommon.
Stay safe Ms. Rosenfeld.

Michele D. Walfred (no initials yet)
University of Delaware

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