[Milton-L] The irrelevance of Satan's character

Horace Jeffery Hodges jefferyhodges at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 22 23:07:01 EDT 2006

James, I think that Professor Skulsky is right about
Satan and the other fallen angels. They are not free
to repent.

They are, in fact, "totally depraved" -- Milton is
this much a Calvinist. Similarly, Adam and Eve after
their fall are "totally depraved," unfree with respect
to willingly seeking forgiveness. Only through
prevenient grace -- Milton is this much an Arminian --
do they again receive the ability to pray for

The fallen angels never receive this prevenient grace
-- possibly because God forsees (through his middle
knowledge, and Milton is this much a Molinist) that
the fallen angels would never seek forgiveness even if
free, so God has no reason to grant them prevenient

I argue something along these lines in my article of
the Economy of Damnation.

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