[Milton-L] Hell and forgiveness

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If I recall correctly, the Russian Orthodox Church has
prayers for the conversion of Satan. But that wouldn't
have influenced the Reformers, of course.

Jeffery Hodges

--- jfleming at sfu.ca wrote:

I regret (and am surprised) to find myself
persistently disagreeing w/Prof. Strier. But isn't
Origen the exegetic and theological whipping-boy of
the early-modern period -- excoriated by everybody
from Luther to Calvin to Bellarmine -- precisely for
claiming things like that? Wasn't it one of Pico's
more controversial theses that Origen might _escape_
damnation? Who else believed that the devil might be
forgiven? (A real, not a rhetorical, question.) Surely
not Luther or Calvin!

It seems to me that the very worst sentence passed on
Milton's Satan, albeit implicitly, is that he will not
be part of the all that will be in all.

JD Fleming

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