[Milton-L] Yet one more poem about Milton

James Rovira jamesrovira at gmail.com
Tue Jul 18 22:40:12 EDT 2006

Wimsatt, in "The Structure of Romantic Nature Imagery" (1954, chapter
in _The Verbal Icon_), compares a poem by Bowles, "To the River
Itchin," to Coleridge's "To the River Otter" -- Coleridge had read
Bowles and drew inspiration from him for his own poem.  Bowles, it is
argued, works on the level of simple association between the river and
memory, while Coleridge takes association a step further, into the
synthetic.  These two poems are still being set side by side --
they're placed together in Wolfson's _The Romantics and Their
Contemporaries_, a Longman anthology.  The association of Bowles with
Romanticism is a good one...probably best to understand him as a
significant predecessor.

Jim R

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