[Milton-L] Re: The War in Heaven

Alan Rudrum rudrum at shaw.ca
Sun Jul 16 10:49:13 EDT 2006

jfleming at sfu.ca wrote:
> But the exceptionality of God's absolutism has nothing to do with "different
> standards." It has to do with submission to God as the exception that proves
> the rule of resistance to tyranny. 

Of course Christianity, as projected in PL, is a totalitarian religion, 
as I suppose any monotheistic religion is.  Presumably that is why it 
has in fairly recent history been persecuted in totalitarian states: 
because ultimate submission to anything less than God's will is 
submission to an idol - the word used by republican survivors of the 
Restoration to describe the post-Restoration regime..."drunk with 
idolatry, drunk with wine."

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