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Sat Jul 15 12:25:30 EDT 2006

Michael Bryson wrote:

 What is Milton doing with his
> depiction? Is he presenting his creation as if it were to be taken as
> an accurate portrayal of the divine (or at least of his idea thereof)? 
> Many readers seem to think so.!
>   I!
> !
>  don't.	

Michael: why not?

> The often-cited idea that one must apply different standards to
> earthly politics and heavenly politics runs aground, in my view, on
> the shores of this dilemna: how is it possible that there can be any
> heavenly politics in Paradise Lost that are not drawn from the
> categories of earthly politics? 

But the exceptionality of God's absolutism has nothing to do with "different
standards." It has to do with submission to God as the exception that proves
the rule of resistance to tyranny. 


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