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> Some remarks from the Empson camp:
> 1) It's hardly useful to be informed that to rebel against a tyrant 
> is good, whereas to rebel against God is bad-- when the whole issue 
> is whether God (as represented in the poem and perhaps in the bible) 
> is a tyrant.	(Note:	Tyrants think their will is law; tyrants are 
> capricious; tyrants enjoy exercising their power.)

I would tend to turn this around and say that, since the poem (and M's prose
works) make the rule-proving exception of God so exceptionally clear, it is
hardly useful to complain about it. The question is not whether God is a
tyrant, but whether this is the question. Satan constantly says "yes." 
JD Fleming

> 2) There's a large amount of nasty jeering at Satan in the poem for 
> not understanding that "omnipotent" really means "stronger than 
> everybody."  Hah, hah-- you lose!  (God smiting his enemies [and 
> laughing them to scorn in the process] is one of the nastier strains 
> in the Hebrew bible-- picked up  in some of the most unpleasant 
> moments in the Christian continuation).
> 3) Yes, PL tries to back off from the display of Power as sheer force 
> which we (undoubtedly) get at the end of the War.  Book VII gives us 
> Creation, but its strong Lucretian dimension makes its picture of 
> this cosmic process very different from the decree model in Genesis 
> (which is the true counterpart to the  smiting alluded to above).
> Just to keep things lively (since the pornography discussion died down)!
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