[Milton-L] The War in Heaven

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Jul 11 21:44:03 EDT 2006

Salwa Khoddam wrote:
> I don't think Adam invented fire.  He discovered a law in nature which is
> created by God.  So it's not technology. Milton would find artifice,
> extravagant and man-made ornamental art, also demonic.  Eve's tending to the
> flowers is not art in this sense.  Note Satan's throne in Bk. II. A splendid
> example of technology which reminds me of Satan's invention of the cannon in
> war in heaven are the orcs in Lord of the Rings, who melt and smelt metals
> to make their horrible war machinery.  This is technology, but the swords,
> shields, and spears of Aragorn and company are not.  I suppose motive
> determines what is technology:  Is the purpose to exploit nature, play God
> with its materials for business enterprises and Faustus-like projects, or is
> the purpose to work with God-given materials to address primary needs (i.
> clothes, food, protection from natural disasters)?

Technology is not a moral category. Anything that intervenes between the
human hand and its object is a form of technology. One can debate the
social or moral propriety of this or that specific form, but it doesn't
make sense to use the label only for those technologies of which one


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