[Milton-L] The War in Heaven

Michael Gillum mgillum at unca.edu
Tue Jul 11 19:35:50 EDT 2006

I'm surprised that nobody has replied to JD Fleming's statement about 
technology being constructed as Satanic throughout PL. Surely that 
doesn't apply to Adam's inventing fire. Or does it? I've always 
thought that passage suggests that technology is a necessary and 
creative response to the fallen environment.

The fallen angels invent many human activities, some of them bad, but 
I've thought the main point of that is that we shouldn't get all 
puffed up about our ability to raise buildings, fight  wars, or do 
philosophy. The fallen angels invent heroic poetry and seem to invent 
music, though we later find the unfallen angels singing hymns and 

My definition of technology would be any technique for accomplishing 
things in the material sphere that goes beyond the obvious uses of 
our natural physical equipment. When Eve ties up the roses with 
myrtle twigs, that's a technology. There's also social technology, 
which includes  things like instructional methods and bureaucracy.

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