[Milton-L] The War in Heaven

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Tue Jul 11 15:56:00 EDT 2006

>One has to draw the Iraq/Book VI parallels with caution: the 
last thing
>needed below the Mason-Dixon line is encouragement to lend 
>significance to moronic foreign policy.  

Quite right, but parallels were not what I was thinking of - 
more along the lines of having kids in class whose family 
members are involved in a  conflict in which real bullets and 
bombs maim and kill real human beings on both sides, reading 
about a war that is fought by creatures who cannot die and, 
at least in the battles, cannot be permanently injured - of 
course, the fallen angels eventually are forced to change 
form against their will when Satan returns to report on 
his 'triumph,' and their continued existence is shown not to 
be desirable.

I will also be teaching a class in Greek mythology, and that 
will involve our study of the Trojan War and the Iliad - a 
different way of seeing war too.

As a scholar and as an Episcopal priest, I am wary indeed of 
those who can read contemporary events in the Revelation to 
St. John. Many of my neighbors here in Virginia who write 
letters to the editor of the local paper are experts in this 
kind of exegesis!

Cynthia A. Gilliatt
English Department, JMU
JMU Safe Zones participant
"You have made God in your own image when God hates the same people you hate." Fr. John Weston

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