[Milton-L] The War in Heaven

Michael Gillum mgillum at unca.edu
Sun Jul 9 22:02:45 EDT 2006

I have a question. Empson and others say the scope of the rebellion 
suggests something was wrong with government in Heaven. Of course, 
Milton was in scriptural fetters--"a third part" fell according to 
Revelation. But normally he tries to rationalize or explain 
scriptural points that might seem puzzling or  unreasonable. How does 
he motivate the fall of the angels other than Satan (who has been 
promoted-over)? My thought is that  the military organization plays a 
big role.  In human history, soldiers follow their generals in coups 
d'etat. What else is involved? Is there anything to Empson's claim 
that discontent has been brewing? (So far, I don't see that.) Also, 
do the other angels get Satan's irony about preparing a "fit 
reception" for the Son when he follows them to the North?

Michael Gillum
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