[Milton-L] On Miltonic poetry, Greek groceries, Augustinian hermeneutics

ferment1 at go.com ferment1 at go.com
Mon Jul 3 22:29:20 EDT 2006

Carl. thanks for correcting my last name from bassinger to basinger.  
It's a cross or cros we Basingers have to bear.  I said once in 
correcting someone that I can make an ass of myself so he needn't 
exert  himself.  In reading Augustine and 17 back across to the blonde 
Greek handler of produce, I'd look for a start in the going-to-fat Frat 
Brother Raphael dropping in on A&E for lunch in Book V and with keen 
despatch of real hunger goes after the produce that Eve has brought 
from God's pick-it-yourself garden.  Just for fun one might imagine 
Adam as helping Eve out by taking India East while she does India West, 
following her list.  Just so, then if Adam is blonde and Greek, why 
not, we can, in God's eternal present, fastforward him to your Greek 
deli, naming veggies as Eve had written them, just as you walked by.  
We'd get to the shores of agape by the end of Book 8, or at least get 
to Raphael pointing them out with one hand while he took a last morsel 
with the other.    Yrs, J Basinger 

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