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Jameela Lares Jameela.Lares at usm.edu
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I think I must have missed part of this thread, so I apologize if my comments
are duplicative.  Grace, if you are looking for expert discussions on
self-presentation in Milton, you will surely want to see the new work by Thomas
Kranidas, MILTON AND THE RHETORIC OF ZEAL (Duquesne U P, 2005).  For a sample
of the contents, here's a brief quotation from the introduction:

"John Milton was heir to a rhetorical tradition of zeal, of inspired
truth-telling that could include displays of outrage and intolerance,
unreasonable passion, and coarseness.  But under that crudeness lay the heart
of Puritan zeal and in a real sense the power of Puritanism, the energy of a
focused belief system that liberated and empowered the individual.  The Bible
was the center of that system, but for Milton, and for many others like him, it
was a Bible read with the individual assurance of the authority, God-given, to
interpret" (x-xi).

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