[Milton-L] recordings for blind and dyslexic

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Thu Feb 2 15:12:12 EST 2006

God, Carl, having done this many times, I can tell you that you are 
right!  Though not specifically for the impaired.  Once, at New London 
High School, New London, CT, an honors group of Sophomores---and a 
pretty typical mix of inner-city kids--hung on every word of Book IV.  
Afterwards, they stood in line to have me (Milton being harder to 
reach) sign their copies of the poem.  Of course, they had been 
studying the poem before my recitation.  The same thing was true the 
times I did it at Milton Academy (where else?) in Milton, Mass.  There 
the teacher had been doing such a terrific job that it was a school-
wide academic feather in the cap to have taken her course in PL.  So 
the turn-out usually numbered about 100 and they were right there with 
me.  How good is my recitation?  Well, one day you'll have to come and 
hear it and see it.  The seeing is part of the experience since the 
material is staged with the geography of the poem in mind.   Yrs John 
Basinger   Don't mind the Roy Lisker name.  He lends me the use of his 
address and is quite a person to know.  Kind of a latter Socratic 
gadfly on the body academic.  I'm switching over to jbasinger at earthlink.
net     JB

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