[Milton-L] AThanasian Creed

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Shouldn't  the phrase "and from the Son" also be considered a piece of 
mischievous interpolation, given it was added to the creed, and, initially, 
even a Pope or two in Rome refused to accept it?


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> Professor di Cesare is quite right; my officious interpolation of "est" is 
> a piece of mischief. In particular it obscures the syntactic parallel 
> between Nicene "ekporeuomenos" and Athanasian "procedens." Both of these 
> present participles seem to have a progressive force: the Spirit issues 
> actively from the dyad of Father and Son; the Son issues passively from 
> the monad of the Father--the one issues, the other is made to issue. Given 
> the heavy weather made of such recondite distinctions in Proclus, 
> Porphyrius, Plotinus, Iamblichus, and co.--not to mention Patristic 
> disputation--the grammar should not have been doctored up by a 
> neatness-obsessed grammarian. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa; peccavi incaute 
> veniamque rogo humiliter. Cheers, HS
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