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I think staring with Paradise Lost will work as well as what I imagine is
the standard of starting with the shorter poems.  I have always done it the
second way and many of my students have commented on happy they were that we
started off with short poems (appetizers) before feasting on Paradise Lost
(and Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes).


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Pedagogical question:
I'm thinking of trying something I've never done before in a semester Milton
course.  On the assumption that it's nearly impossible to read Paradise Lost
without already having read it, I thought I'd require that they read quickly
through the poem during the first month while we're doing the early poetry
and some prose and then a day or so after we actually begin PL, I would give
a quiz worth 15% to assure that they in fact have done this.
I would very much like to hear any comments,  pros and/or cons about this
This, by the way, would be in addition to the course requirements of a
weekly Reading Notebook (5-600 words, collected 3 times over the semester)
in which they respond to study questions, class discussions, etc., and a
term paper and final exam.
thanks in advance
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