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Thanks, Carrol: you are quite right to question my question.  It was, umm, 
vague and ill formulated. Apologies to all. And yes,  "brighter" and 
"richer" are impossible queries, aren't they, even in an impressionistic 

But anyway, I'm extremely grateful for the responses which have come forth. 
In part, my question is more a personal one and less a scholarly one; as a 
devotee of English poetry generally I'm keen to know what phrases or moments 
for my fellow readers provoke goosebumps, so to speak, from time to time. 
For PL in particular I have a dual interest: PL is a _loud_ poem, brilliant 
in all the ways you mention (from gorgeous images to syntactical triumphs 
and everything you have listed in between, all heaped up on top of each 
other), and I'm keen to know if the moments in PL which to some readers have 
proven especially telling moments are also specifically quiet or "dark" 
moments (hushed, brooding, wandering, nocturnal, "soft"), and I half expect 
that these same moments will show up in the studies recently mentioned (by 
Profs. Strier, Forsyth, Geraghty, Rudrum), concerning mystical intentions in 

Thanks again,


p.s. My spell-checker wants an initial cap on "goosebumps;" is that correct? 
I'm the worst of spellers...

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> I'm having more and more trouble understanding what Carl means by
> "brighter and richer (and quieter?) things." The responders so far seem
> to be taking it as an invitation to add to Arnold's list of touchstones.
> Perhaps Carl should try to explain a bit more clearly what he is looking
> for. Does "things" in this context mean passages, images, events,
> concepts, particular cadences, dramatic exchange, theological allusion,
> interesting line breaks, syntactical triumphs . . .?
> And what does the metaphor of sound volume mean in reference to an epic
> poem? And I don't even know how to formulate a question in respect to
> "brighter" or "richer."
> Carrol
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