[Milton-L] Another Milton poem

Nancy Charlton pluscachange at comcast.net
Fri Aug 25 20:07:44 EDT 2006

I just came upon this, by Franklin P. Adams. Wasn't he the one who 
observed of some writing, that it said "what oft was thought and 
twice as well expressed"? Or was that Richard Armour? Anyway:

Lines Written on the Sunny Side of Frankfort Street

       SPORTING with Amaryllis in the shade,
          (I credit Milton in parenthesis),
       Among the speculations that she made
                    Was this:

       "When"--these her very words--"when you return,
          A slave to duty's harsh commanding call,
       Will you, I wonder, ever sigh and yearn
                    At all?"

       Doubt, honest doubt, sat then upon my brow.
          (Emotion is a thing I do not plan).
       I could not fairly answer then, but now
                    I can.

       Yes, Amaryllis, I can tell you this,
          Can answer publicly and unafraid:
       You haven't any notion how I miss
                    The shade.

--Nancy Charlton

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