[Milton-L] Milton on the Sacred and the Profane?

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Thanks Jeffery. I'm intrigued. Two questions:

In the Pentateuch the common is inherently pure?

The rhetorical force of a four-term scheme can be both parallel AND 
chiastic, both a-b/a-b AND a-b/b-a ??  Is this a rhetorical condition 
special to the passage in question, or one found in other places (where?) in 
the Pentateuch?


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> Carl Bellinger wrote:
>>>Jeffery, if I read your query right [forgive me if
> not] you are reading the Leviticus as presenting a
> parallel equation, A-B/A-B, rather than a chiastic
> equation. So that
> "between the holy and the common and between the
> impure and the pure."
> is parsed as matching "holy" with "impure" and
> "common" with "pure." But I suspect here an inverted
> equation -- chiasm, hysteron/proteron -- A-B/B-A,
> which would match "holy" with "pure" and "common" with
> "impure."<<
> I wasn't planning to raise this point since it leads
> into more complicated issues, but since you have
> raised it ... I think that the formulation of
> Leviticus 10:10 expresses both parallelism and chiasm.
> Parallelism: holiness and impurity share the quality
> of dynamism, and the common is inherently pure.
> Chiasm: for holiness to pervade an object, that object
> must be separated from common things and purified, and
> both impurity and the common can drive off holiness.
> One reads Leviticus 10:10 either as parallelism or as
> chiasm, depending upon what aspect of each of the four
> terms that one is looking at.
> Wearing one of my other hats (the New Testament
> scholar dunce cap), I'm currently working on a paper
> with another scholar on holiness in Mark's Gospel, in
> which, I go into these issues (and use Milgrom
> extensively).
> Jeffery Hodges

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