[Milton-L] Milton on the Sacred and the Profane?

Horace Jeffery Hodges jefferyhodges at yahoo.com
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Carl Bellinger wrote:

>>Jeffery, if I read your query right [forgive me if
not] you are reading the Leviticus as presenting a
parallel equation, A-B/A-B, rather than a chiastic 
equation. So that

"between the holy and the common and between the
impure and the pure."

is parsed as matching "holy" with "impure" and
"common" with "pure." But I suspect here an inverted
equation -- chiasm, hysteron/proteron -- A-B/B-A,
which would match "holy" with "pure" and "common" with

I wasn't planning to raise this point since it leads
into more complicated issues, but since you have
raised it ... I think that the formulation of
Leviticus 10:10 expresses both parallelism and chiasm.

Parallelism: holiness and impurity share the quality
of dynamism, and the common is inherently pure.

Chiasm: for holiness to pervade an object, that object
must be separated from common things and purified, and
both impurity and the common can drive off holiness.

One reads Leviticus 10:10 either as parallelism or as
chiasm, depending upon what aspect of each of the four
terms that one is looking at.

Wearing one of my other hats (the New Testament
scholar dunce cap), I'm currently working on a paper
with another scholar on holiness in Mark's Gospel, in
which, I go into these issues (and use Milgrom

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