[Milton-L] Re: Milton-L: Milton and Shelley.

alan horn alanshorn at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 05:08:15 EDT 2006

"...Shelley admires Paradise Lost for its grandness and tried to do
something similar in "Prometheus Unbound".  That's probably as far as
the influence goes."

I would say there's more, and so would Shelley: republicanism,
radicalism, bold inquiry into morals and religion, the writing of
explicitly ideological poetry. He represented himself as Milton's heir
in all these ways. On a more particularly literary level there's the
influence of Milton's epics on the use of blank verse in "Queen Mab"
and of his characterization of Satan on Shelley's Prometheus--two more
points of influence claimed by Shelley.

Alan H.

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