[Milton-L] Re: Milton-L Digest, Vol 34, Issue 13

James Rovira jamesrovira at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 18:41:15 EDT 2006

May want to check this title too:

Doubt and Identity in Romantic Poetry  By: Cooper, Andrew M.; New
Haven: Yale UP; 1988. 233 pp. (book)

Prof. Shawcross mentioned Scale's Drew U. dissertation.  I'm pretty
sure Drew has them all bound but I think they're available in
microfilm too.

Other dissertation titles:

'This Subject for Heroic Song': The Dialectic of Passivity and
Violence in Spenser, Milton, Shelley  By: Dawson, Martha; Dissertation
Abstracts International, 1994 May; 54 (11): 4100A. U of Miami, 1993.
(dissertation abstract)

Titanic Rebellion: The Promethean Iconography of Milton, Blake and
Shelley  By: Lewis, Linda Marlene; Dissertation Abstracts
International, 1988 Feb.; 48 (8): 2067A. (dissertation abstract)

Themes of Transformation in Spenser, Milton, and Shelley  By: Emerson,
Cornelia Dozier; Dissertation Abstracts International, 1981 May; 41
(11): 4718A. (dissertation abstract)

Satan as Negative Consciousness in Milton, Blake and Shelley  By:
Conner, William Fox; Dissertation Abstracts International, 1980; 40:
4604A-05A. (dissertation abstract)

Bold Inquirers: A Study of the Political Prose of Milton and Shelley
By: Friedman, Lester David; Dissertation Abstracts International,
1976; 36: 6701A. (dissertation abstract)

Jim R

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