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Iter and the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (ACMRS)
are pleased to announce the publication of the first online edition of
John T. Shawcross's Milton: A Bibliography for the Years 1624-1700:
Revised, and for the years 1701-1799.


You can view this brand new bibliography at the following URL:


This bibliography is an extensive revision and continuation of Milton: A
Bibliography for the Years 1624-1700, published by Medieval &
Renaissance Texts & Studies (MRTS), Binghamton, New York, in 1984, and
it is the only Milton bibliography that covers the eighteenth century.


The bibliography tries to bring together all manuscripts and editions of
Milton's works and all studies and critical statements concerning
Milton's life and works, all allusions and quotations, and all
significant imitations during the years 1624-1799.


Users can browse by century or year, or do Boolean, keyword or phrase
searches of over 13,000 entries. Cross references within the
bibliography are hypertext links, allowing for ease of navigation. This
bibliography, which will be further augmented in future years, is an
invaluable resource for Milton scholars, and literary, history, and
publication scholars of both the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.



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