[Milton-L] Milton and Boehme

Stephen Fallon sfallon at nd.edu
Sat Aug 12 20:05:20 EDT 2006

I'd add my voice to Richard's and Alan's on Nuttall's Holy Spirit in 
Puritan Faith and Experience.  A simply wonderful book, available in 

>Richard Strier wrote:
>>On the wilder side, including mysticism, see Nuttall,/ Holy Spirit 
>>in Puritan Faith & Experience/ (a very great book), and Hill,/ 
>>World Turned/, of course.  More specialized studies of Boehme in 
>>England, etc.
>>Google Milton and Boehme.   Margaret Bailey's book is not wonderful 
>>but I have read worse.
>Richard Strier is right about Nuttall's book.  Pity that people will 
>write about Samson Agonistes with no reference to it.
>Margaret L. Bailey
>Studies the impact of Boehme's writing on Milton and his 
>contemporaries. Reprint edition. 1969: 250 pages. (Haskell)
>List Price: $75.00
>NOW: $5.95
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