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Actually, it began to enter my mind as I was reading what Tom Shippey wrote about Tolkien's work and 'the nature of evil'. He writes "..the concept of the Ring, which itself embodies two distinct and competing these about the nature of evil, the one officially accepted (but hard to credit), the other threateningly heretical (but all too easy, in modern circumstances to accept). Tolkien not only poses questions about evil, he also prides answers and solutions----one of the thing which has made him unpopular with the processionally gloomy or fashionably nihilist."

So this led me to wonder about Paradise Lost, being it is Milton's epic. Shippey also noted that "The Lord of the Rings was written by a devout and believing Christian, and has been seen my many as a deeply religious work, yet it contains almost no direct religious reference at all"

And this led me to ask if a religious as work as Paradise Lost would of contained any other concepts of evil not apparent in the biblical / Christian explanations and / or sources. 
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