[Milton-L] Re: porno vs. art?

gilliaca at jmu.edu gilliaca at jmu.edu
Wed Nov 30 12:01:55 EST 2005

>I live fairly close to Plano, Texas, and I would like to 
know what they 
>found to censor in Moby Dick. 

This was a few years ago - and there were other Plano 
challenges, as I remember.  I don't remember if they reported 
the outcome. Most of the challenges are about texts in public 
school curricula and what is available to everyone at the 
local library.  I invite everyone on the list to visit the 
ALA web site to see what's on the most recent hit list. To 
me, this is sobering reading. They provide ways to help 
support freedom to read.

Cynthia A. Gilliatt
English Department, JMU
JMU Safe Zones participant
"You have made God in your own image when God hates the same people you hate." Fr. John Weston

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