[Milton-L] Re: porno vs. art?

James Rovira jrovira at drew.edu
Wed Nov 30 09:42:38 EST 2005

Ah, what a wonderful opportunity to return this discussion to Milton. 
If someone like Milton were the censor, could his judgment be trusted? 
How did Milton reconcile his argument in the Areopagitica with his 
service as censor?  Remember that description in the A. of the ideal 
censor? Who was he describing?

Slippery slopes fall off on both sides.

Jim R.

gilliaca at jmu.edu wrote:

> It's a slippery slope. I hold no brief for the kind of thing 
> you have in mind, but I am also aware that the ALA publishes 
> an annual list of challenged books that includes everything 
> from Medelien L'Engle to "Catcher in the Rye" to "Moby Dick" -
>  it was challenged one year in Plano, Texas, for 'conflicting 
> with community values.' I  don't think I want to know what 
> those are...
> C

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