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Regardless of the "play" from past to present tense or vice versa (as 
suggested by some members), I believe Milton's purpose in this particular text is to 
take us back to that specific moment in time and "witness" the act that doomed 
mankind forever. Throughout PL, Milton is serious about his views regarding 
this Biblical account of how and why the human race fell from God's grace. He 
does not want readers to see it as an incident of the distant past but rather, 
a moment that deeply affected man's place in God's hierarchy. This incident  
affects  the everyday conduct of people whose actions reflect this falling away 
from God, (according to Christian doctrine on the sinful nature of man).  
This is Milton's "flashback," if you will. It is his way of making readers relive 
this moment in the present to underscore what he obviously believes to be a 
scary, damning and disastrous instant in the history of the human race. Observe 
the previous line where he speaks of her "rash hand" as it reaches out for 
the fruit. 
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