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Derek Wood dwood at stfx.ca
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Can any one give me the address of Margaret J. Dean. The one in the
Grenoble programme list does not work. Many thanks.
	Derek Wood.

Derek N.C. Wood,
Senior Research Professor,
St. Francis Xavier University,
Antigonish, Nova Scotia,
Canada, B2G 2W5.
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Salwa, I only just saw your message on this subject. I agree with you
"in our modern society, we have chopped up everything into bits and so
not able
to understand love in its wholeness. . . . For, as Milton
says, the"upright heart and pure" (1.18)  filled with wisdom and trained

Deeds to...knowledge answerable . . . faith
. . .virtue, patience, temperance . . . love
By name to come called Charity, the soul
Of all the rest . . .                PL   (XII.582-85)

can possess "A paradise within . . . happier far" (587), and that "it
a lot of work to achieve this blissful state, but it is possible right
in our world"--rarely.

I think you have to have experienced it, to understand how and why--but
you have, it's easier to envision the sort of marriage Milton is trying
describe, in both PL and DDD. Obviously, you have--congratulations on
and Happy Thanksgiving, to you, and to all!

Carol Barton

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