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Jameela Lares wrote:

>Sorry, Felicia, but according to our departmental
philologist, who immediately knew the line and
supplied the pronounciation when I got to "eat,"
advises that it is *unquestionably* the past tense.
The A-S verb "eton" was originally part of the "strong
verbs" whose paradigms were confused during the early
modern period. (And wouldn't the verb have to be
conjugated "eatS" in the present tense anyway?)<

This is useful information, but I still have some

If the paradigms were confused, then does this mean
that Milton had a choice between using "eat" or "ate"
for the past tense?

(Does Milton elsewhere use the form "ate"?)

If Milton had a choice, then might Felicia's
suggestion still be possible if we take Milton's use
of past "eat" rather than "ate" to be a sight pun on
the present/infinitive "eat"?

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